Advantage Marketing, Inc

Artwork submitted to Advantage Marketing, Inc. by the customer must be in a usable format or graphics charges will be incurred. There will be no graphics charge for minimum typesetting or artwork provided by the customer that is in a usable format.

All jobs require vector artwork to ensure the best possible imprint on your promotional item. Raster artwork is only acceptable for full color artwork and has to be at least 300 dpi at actual print size (some large items like banners can be 125 dpi at actual size). We will be happy to quote on any artwork revisions which may be required.

Vector Artwork is an image created with points and paths. This results in artwork that is editable, scalable, and able to be separated by each color.

Common Vector File Formats: .ai .eps .svg .ps .indd

Raster Artwork is an image created with many pixels. This results in artwork that is not editable, scalable, or able to be separated by each color.

Common Raster File Formats: .jpg .png .ppt .tif .psd .pub

Sending Artwork

Acceptable file formats in order of preference:

   – Adobe Illustrator files (up to version CC) saved as .ai .eps or .pdf

   – Other vector program files saved as a generic .eps file or .pdf

   – Adobe Photoshop (up to version CC) saved as a .psd file- please do not flatten the image

IF RASTER ARTWORK IS THE ONLY ART THAT YOU HAVE AVAILABLE, contact your Account Executive. On occasion there are vector elements in a raster file. A graphic designer will open the file/s you provide then will communicate with your Account Executive then they will send you an estimate for graphics charges if needed (this is a one-time charge). A graphic designer will use what you have to recreate the logo/image so that we have it as a vector image.

Before sending your art make sure to:

   – Convert all fonts to outlines/paths
   – Include all font names in an email to your Account Executive
   – Note all Pantone (PMS) colors that were used in an email to your Account Executive
   – Embed or include all placed/ linked images
   – Use the original photo when using a photograph from the digital camera, do NOT pull it from a website as the resolution is too low (for full color art)
   – Include bleeds if the item requires bleeds *you do not need to include crop marks if the artwork is at the full scale*
   – Change RGB files to CMYK
   – Send a JPEG image of the layout for a visual reference

Files under 8 MB can be emailed to your Account Executive. Always send art files as an attachment, do not place them in the body of the email. For files larger than 8 MB, we also accept Flash drives/disk (please let us know if you want the Flash drive/disk returned to you). Art can also be sent via Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer or you can compress your files as a .zip file and email the zipped file.

Art received is subject to review by the Advantage Marketing Graphics Department. Depending on the format of the art, graphic charges may apply at a rate of $15 per ¼ hour, $30 per ½ hour, and $60 per hour for promo projects and vectorizing. Creative projects may be billed at $90 per hour, and web design is billed at $120 per hour. All charges are billed in 15 minute increments.

Graphics charges are based on the time it takes to recreate the art and we must have approval for these charges before we can start the process. We will provide an estimate.

All artwork must have a signed approval from the client. We will not forward any artwork or place any order without a copy of the signed approval.