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Eco-friendly and sustainable items are here to stay in the promotional product world.  Consumers are now more aware of the way products are made and care about making better buying choices that affect our planet!  Choosing eco-friendly products demonstrates your company’s environmental awareness, and may go a long way in gaining your customer’s trust.  There are many eco-friendly options to choose from including products made from recycled materials, or eco-friendly alternatives to items that are normally thrown away after one use – such as plastic utensils, straws, plastic bags, etc.   Never shopped for eco-friendly promotional products before?  Here are a few excellent choices as a place to start!

Any of these eco-friendly products are likely to create a positive impression on your customers and persuade more people to associate with your brand.  There really is no difference in the process of buying, the cost, or the quality of recycled promotional products compared to standard promotional products, so why not give them a try? The distribution of these products typically results in a sense of satisfaction for both the recipient and the company providing them.  You should also know that through one of our partnerships, one percent of sales on many of these items will be donated to non-profits dedicated to protecting the planet.  So just by choosing eco-friendly promotional products really can be your way of making a difference!

Amanda Booth

Marketing Coordinator

“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn” - Harriet Beecher Stowe