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Promoting wellness in the workplace has become extremely important considering the growing costs of employee healthcare that employers face.  The fact is that businesses suffer when poor health results in absenteeism, lack of productivity, and an increase in long-term healthcare costs.  When you invest in a wellness program, you not only help your employees improve their health, but you boost morale and even increase your brand’s image.  There are many ways to promote healthy living in the workplace that can be both motivating and fun for your employees.   Here are some ideas to give you a jump start!


  1. Coordinate wellness activities that can be done throughout the work day and offer rewards for employee participation. For example, you could offer extra time off if employees go for a walk on their lunch break, or use their breaks to walk a flight of stairs.
  2. Offer a group fitness class on site if your facility allows for it, either during lunch or after work hours.
  3. Hold meetings and educate your employees to help raise awareness of common health issues such as heart health, diet and nutrition, smoking, mental health, stress management, etc. You can hire a special speaker to lead meetings, or simply provide printed material to keep your employees informed.
  4. Encourage your staff to participate together in events that promote health and wellness. Maybe your community is having a 5K run, or a walk to raise awareness for a good cause that you could sign up for as a group.
  5. Incorporate a little friendly competition amongst your staff! Your employees could split up into teams and compete for prizes for whoever collectively walks the most miles, loses the most weight, goes the longest without smoking, etc.  Competition can be a great motivator!
  6. Stock up on wellness themed promotional products! Promotional products can play a key role in corporate wellness programs by offering your employees products that will motivate them to make healthy decisions and stay active.  Water bottles, sports bags, headphones, stress relievers, pedometers, fitness towels, etc., are all great ideas!  Giveaways that can be kept and used after the wellness activity is over will definitely help the participants remember the event and the healthy habit that was implemented.


Corporate wellness programs should be designed to help improve the lives of your employees and encourage them.  In return, this will help drive success for your organization.   Promoting a healthy lifestyle is a great way to bring your staff together, while also doing wonders for your brand’s image.  These programs and activities are truly a win-win for all that are involved!


Amanda Booth

Marketing Coordinator

“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn” - Harriet Beecher Stowe