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Every one of us has experienced some shifts and ‘new ways’ since the beginning of 2020, that is undeniable.  Home, work, even eating habits have changed (who else is cooking at home a lot more than ever before? Can’t just be me!).

This year we’ve seen shifts in our industry as well, and have helped clients navigate through the changing landscape of promos, recognition, and tradeshows.  We’re here to help you, your company, and your team be successful in 2021.

Virtual Meetings and Tradeshows

The traditional tradeshow may return, but whether they do or remain virtual, they’re necessary for continuing education, networking, a sense of community, finding new ideas and products, and all the other reasons we all love them!

We can help create and brand kits that can be sent to each participant prior to the convention’s start, to engage them with your brand, and your sponsors’ brands.  We can customize the packaging and contents to fit your audience and needs, and can include swag and educational materials.

Individual Employee Recognition

This program is available to allow leadership in your company to send gifts instantly to employees and salespeople to show recognition or reward them for performance.

Your managers can simply text or email the employees information to us to recognize someone.  We can track by manager to keep track of the number and value of gifts being sent, and can set up a few items of varying value based on your needs.

Celebrate the big things, the little things, and anything in between to give your team members the recognition they deserve.

Home Drop Shipping

Many companies have moved to remote set-ups, and some will continue that way after the pandemic has ended.  We can ship employee gifts or materials for meetings directly to your employees as needed, saving you time and effort.


Unsurprisingly, online shopping has seen growth 2020, and not just for the big players.  We can help your small business set up and sell your products online, or set up an e-store for your branded swag.  Webstores can help manage inventory and data, saving you and your team time.

These E-stores are mobile friendly, meeting your buyer where they are.

We’re ready to move into 2021 delivering the same service and great products you’ve known from us for nearly 27 years, even if we’re delivering them in new ways.


Angela Ringler


“I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted.” - Jack Kerouac