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Do you own an umbrella?  Maybe you’re like me and have one in your car, your office, and your home, so if it starts raining you’re not stuck without it!  Umbrellas make good promotions year-round – spring is the hot time to order, but in many parts of the US it can rain in any season!  An umbrella customized with your logo and branding keeps your name top of mind.

So why do they make good marketing promotions?

Life-span: Umbrellas have excellent staying power.  Consumers keep umbrellas from 14 to 24 months, possibly even longer.  If you choose an umbrella with a unique feature, like an inverted style or a C-handle for hands-free use, you can give someone their new favorite umbrella, complete with your logo and branding!

Quality: Like any product, there is a variety of price points and quality options.  We carry some of the top brands in the business, from ShedRain® to totes®.  Totes umbrellas, even in our industry, have a lifetime warranty.  Your end user can send that umbrella in with the warranty slip at any time and get a brand-new umbrella.  You can give your employees and clients the last umbrella they’ll ever need!  You can feel the quality in these name-brand umbrellas immediately, and know you won’t get stuck on a windy, rainy day with an inside-out umbrella, and your target audience will appreciate the quality as well.  There are also plenty of non-name-brand options if budget is a concern!

Branding: Few promotional products offer the imprint size and exposure of an umbrella.  An end user carrying your umbrella with your logo is creating tons of impressions with a single gift.  Matching corporate and promotion colors is no problem – the color options available are endless!

Variety: An umbrella is not simply an umbrella.  The options available are endless!  From size, folding vs. golf, to style, standard vs. bubble vs. inverted, and color combinations, panels vs. stripes vs. printed underneath, there is bound to be an option to fit your branding, event, and audience.

A custom branded umbrella could be the perfect fit for your next customer promotion, employee appreciation, or corporate event project.

Angela Ringler


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